Sunday, 19 April 2015

First Impressions: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Last week I picked up a couple of new foundations as my beloved L'oreal True Match was on it's way out... I didn't want to rebut it just yet as foundations are something I never really try out and experiment with so I thought it was time to try some new ones!

I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation as I personally prefer a more dewy look and I've heard so many bloggers and friends rave about it. I've tried it out a few times now and it's definitely become my new everyday foundation. It is incredibly dewy and like the name states does give your skin a healthy glow. At first, the shade I picked seemed slightly yellow but once the rest of my makeup was done it matched my skin perfectly. 

Even though it is meant to be a dewy finish, I think that this foundation definitely needs a powder over it as it can look slightly wet. Because of this it almost mixes with my concealer so I make sure to powder before I add any more layers. This foundation has now become a staple in my collection and I would definitely recommend it! I picked it up for £9.99 at Superdrug UK which for a foundation didn't seem to expensive. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone however it will work best will normal/dry and dry skin types. What foundation have you guys been loving? I'd love to try some more dewy finish foundations out!
Hope you enjoyed/found this useful! 
Beth xo

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring Makeup Essentials

Hi Guys!
As the weather has been amazing recently in the UK and we're finally in spring, I thought I'd do a post on my spring makeup essentials! Some of these products are new to my collection and some I've had forever! So here's my picks... 

MAC Strobe Cream

I've recently been using this under my foundation as a base or mixed in with it to add a beautiful natural glow to the skin. It's perfect for spring/summer as it creates a dewy finish to any foundation without looking sweaty. I will be buying the full size of this soon!

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I have this shade a bit darker than my normal skin colour as I use it when I'm tanned - especially on holiday. Its a water based foundation and is so light weight on the skin so is perfect for summer! Its also waterproof yet still gives good coverage. My perfect summer foundation!

MUA Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette

I only picked up this palette today but the colours and pigmentation are amazing for just £4! The light blue shade (Bottom row, 4th in) is the perfect spring shade for adding a pop of colour to any look! I love using these shades to smoke out my lower lash line for a more wearable colourful look.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Soft and Gentle

I don't have many highlighting products but this is definitely my favourite. Again doing the same as the Strobe Cream, this is perfect for a dewy glowing look. I apply this on the very top of my cheekbones with a fan brush and it gives the most beautiful radiant glow!

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream - Petal

I also only picked this product up this morning but have been wearing it all day and loving it. I have a red from this Matte Me collection and think the formula is incredible. They apply as a lip cream or liquid lipstick and within a minute they are completely matte and will not budge. I love a matte lip and think that this colour is perfect for spring!

MAC Dreaming Dahlia

Tanned skin and coral lips is always the dream look for me during summer. I picked this lipstick up last year and I'm pretty sure it was from the 'A Fantasy of Flowers' MAC collection but don't quote me on that... There's so many good coral/orange lipsticks at the drugstore however this is my favourite coral shade that I own! A definite must for summer.

MAC Kelly Yum-Yum

This lipstick was from the Kelly Osborne collection at MAC and the colour to me just screams summer! I find it so hard to wear these bright pink lip colours during winter as I personally just don't think it looks right so I'll definitely be getting good use out of this in the upcoming months! MAC no longer sell this lipstick however it is almost identical to their shade 'Candy Yum Yum' so check it out!

That brings me to the end of my Spring Makeup Essentials! Are there any products you can recommend to me for spring? I will be doing a tutorial soon and will incorporate some of these products into it! 
Hope you enjoyed,
Beth xo

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Hot Or Not - Kiko Face Makeup Fixer

Just a quick post today as I've been having a very busy Easter so haven't had much spare time, but from this week will be back to posting more than once a week! I picked up the Kiko Face Makeup Fixer online a few weeks ago just because I was intrigued by the name and thought it would be a great setting spray! I've now used it at least 5 times if not more and to me it disappointingly is just a light hairspray without the hold...

Kiko claim that the spray is 'Fragrance Free' but when I first sprayed it, it smelt (and tasted) just like a chemical filled hairspray. It doesn't leave the face slightly hard or sticky like a normal hairspray would but it also didn't fix any of my makeup or personally make my makeup stay on longer than normal. I'm definitely going to keep trying out this product just in case anything good does happen, but for now this product is way more NOT than it is HOT for me!

That's it for this post, I'll have some spring makeup tutorials and favourites up in the next few weeks as the weather in the UK has just got a lot warmer!
Hope you enjoyed,
Beth xo

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